Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

To better protect your information and enhance the security of systems at the College of Charleston, the Division of Information Technology has enabled multi-factor authentication (MFA) for faculty and staff. MFA is a two-step process, that requires users to enter their password (step 1) and then verify their identity using an additional method (step 2), when performing account sign-in transactions from off campus.

MFA adds a vital layer of security needed to protect accounts from ever increasing instances of phishing attempts and password hacks. With MFA, even if a cybercriminal successfully steals your password, they won’t be able to log in to your account without your additional verification method.


Setting Up Multi-Factor Authentication

You must first set up at least two additional verification methods. Please note, that if you have previously set up Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR), you may only need to check that the authentication methods entered are still the methods you would like to verify with for MFA. You will not need to go through the MFA set up process as outlined in the instructions and video below.

For the first method, you must choose either the authenticator app or phone (text or call). The authenticator app is recommended for ease of use. For the second method, you can use the method you didn't choose above or a personal non-CofC email address. It is best to set up multi-factor authentication additional verification methods from a desktop computer while on campus. Once set up is complete, each time you are off campus and attempt to log in to your account, you will be prompted to verify your identity using your additional method after entering your password.

Instructions for Setting Up MFA [PDF with Screenshots]
Instructions for Setting UP MFA [Video]
Check or Change Your MFA Preferences [PDF with Screenshots]
Frequently Asked Questions [PDF]

Creating an App Password

Most applications support multi-factor authentication. However, some applications do not support multi-factor authentication. In these instances, an app password will need to be created.

Instructions for Creating an App Password [PDF with Screenshots]
Instructions for Creating an App Password [Video]

If you need assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk by email, chat, or phone 843.953.3375.